Light X Type Manual Angle Adjustable Disc Harrow (BLG)

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It is used for processes such as breaking the pests by completing the work of the plow, cutting the plant wastes and weeds in the field by mixing the soil, mixing the fertilizer into the soil. It can be easily approached to the bottom of the tree in garden agriculture with its trip. The other work angle is independent from each other according to fixed discs, it can be adjusted mechanically according to the soil structure. This saves time in labor, diesel, depreciation and time. It can also be made manually and manually on demand. The working angle can be adjusted mechanically independently and practically according to the soil structure. It ensures effective processing of the soil and fragmentation of weeds using its discs. It absorbs loads thereby lessening load on the tractor and thus saves time and fuel.


 Model   Disc Number   Disc Diameter (mm)   Disc Spacing (mm)   Working Width (mm)   Weight (kg)   Required Power (hp) 
 BLG 20  20  460  172  1920  520  40 - 50
 BLG 24  24  460  172  2260  560  50 - 60
 BLG 28   28  460  172  2600  660  60 - 70
 BLG 32      32  460  172  2940  765  70 - 80

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